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Adoption Process

We try to make our adoption process as easy and painless as possible, but please understand where we are coming from and all of the work that goes into rescuing and rehoming homeless animals. We don't want them to go through this again. The adoption process consists of 7 phases, they are as follows:

1. Research & Locating A Potential Pet

We at Sadie Mae Foundation want nothing more than to see every animal saved, but having and caring for an animal the rest of his/her life is a major commitment. Learn what you should consider before you adopt a pet by doing some research.

Sadie Mae Foundation's adoptable pet list is always kept up-to-date. If an animal is listed, then it is still available for adoption; although a pending adoption application may be under consideration. 

If you don't immediately see an animal that fits your household/ lifestyle, we urge you to check our adoptable pet list periodically. We are rescuing new animals all the time.


We ask that you not submit an adoption application until you see one or more animals on our adoptable pet list that you feel could be a match for you. At this time, we simply do not have the resources to keep applications on-file until an appropriate animal comes along.

4. Reference Checks

Sadie Mae Foundation checks the references of all applicants to ensure its animals go to safe and loving pet owners.

If you provided veterinary references in your online application or during the email/phone interviews, now is the time to contact them. Let your current/past vets know that you have applied to adopt an animal from Sadie Mae Foundation. Many vets will not talk to our organization about your vet file unless you give them the 'okay'. Simply call your vets and tell them to put a note in the file, stating it is okay to provide us with your current/past pet's medical histories if we call them.

If you provided personal references in your online application or during the email/phone interviews, make sure you let them know we may be calling.

7. Adoption Decision

All information gathered up until this point is submitted to Sadie Mae Foundation adoption committee members for review and decision. This is the final stage of the adoption process. You will be notified of your adoption approval/disapproval in a timely manner.

If Sadie Mae Foundation has approved your adoption application, you will be required to sign an adoption agreement. Email us if you would like to see a sample adoption agreement. Also at the time of adoption, you will be asked to provide an adoption donation.


Please note that the Sadie Mae Foundation will not adopt animals out to someone that is not fully committed to giving the animal at least 30 days to adjust to their new surroundings. Transitioning to a new home environment is a highly stressful event for any animal; an event that should not be taken lightly. We will not consider adopting any animal into a home which has not given this serious thought. By signing the adoption agreement, you agree to give your newly adopted animal a minimum of 30 days to adjust. The Sadie Mae Foundation is happy to offer suggestions and is always available for support and resources.

2. Submit An Adoption Application Online

Once you've decided which of our adoptable animals you'd like to meet, an online adoption application needs to be submitted.

Our adoption application is lengthy, so ensure you have an adequate amount of time to fill-out the form completely, with as much detail as possible.


Please note, a common problem applicants encounter when filling-out the application is ensuring every field is completed. If you attempt to Submit your application, and it is incomplete, an immediate message will display telling you what fields are incomplete. If you do not complete those fields and re-submit your application, we will not receive it. If your application is successfully submitted, an immediate message will display.

If you have a veterinarian you've used in the past, have the vet's information handy before you begin filling-out the adoption application. Having personal references for us to contact is also very helpful. 

5.  In-person Meet-and-Greet

Following the email/phone interviews and reference checks, we will arrange a day, time and place for you to come meet the animal(s) of your choice. All family members should attend the in-person meet-and-greet. Everyone in the household should be part of the decision. If you have pets already, we require you to bring them to the meet-and-greet. It is important to ensure all animals are compatible with one another.

3. Email / Phone Interviews

Every online adoption application is reviewed by a representative of Sadie Mae Foundation. Based upon the responses in your application, you will only be contacted for an interview we believe your household could be an appropriate match for the available animal. In those instances where we have received multiple applications for an animal, we will select the one that we consider the most appropriate.


If yours is considered the most appropriate match, we will make every effort to contact you via an email or telephone communication within 3 days; however it may take longer. We ask for your patience. Every person involved in our organization is a volunteer, performing rescue duties outside of their normal day jobs, family responsibilities etc.

Email and phone interviews benefit us both. We will ask follow-up questions to the responses provided on your online adoption application and you will have the opportunity to ask us specific questions about the animal you are considering adopting. The goal of the conversation is: 1) for us to get a good understanding of your family/household/lifestyle; and 2) for you to get a good understanding of the personality/temperament of the adoptable animal.

6. Home Visit

If the meet-and-greet goes well, and both you and the organization agree to move forward, a day and time will be scheduled so that a representative of Sadie Mae Foundation can perform a home visit.

The purpose of the home visit is multifaceted. During the visit, you will have an opportunity to ask any remaining questions or express any concerns you may have about the adoption. We will inspect the home and surrounding area to ensure it is a safe environment for the adoptable animal. As we see the layout of your home, we will often make recommendations on how to best introduce your new family member into the home and how best to set-up an area for him/her during the transitioning stages of the adoption.


Remember our goal is to ensure the pet you are adopting is the right match for you and the pet.

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