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Sadie Mae Foundation Animal Rescue League Inc. is a non-profit (501c3) rescue organization. We are a small group of individuals, dedicated to rescuing animals from local shelters when they have run out of time and are in danger of euthanasia. We strive to educate the public on the necessity of spaying and neutering, responsible pet ownership, and how to run animal shelters more efficiently.

The Sadie Mae Foundation partners with pounds and shelters that must use euthanasia for various reasons, such as overcrowding. We rescue as many animals as we are able to, regardless of breed, age or those with special needs.

Our organization typically does not accept animals that an individual owner is looking to surrender; however we have been known to make an exception when an animal is in danger or the animal's living conditions are such that immediate action must be taken in order to ensure the animal's safety. Still, we are always glad to speak with individual owners. We can answer any questions an owner may have if s/he is being forced to give up an animal. We don't want these animals to end up in a local pound or abandoned on the street.

Sadie Mae Foundation keeps limited shelter space, rented from a local kennel in Bolton, CT, and it is maintained by volunteers. Additionally, some of our animals are in foster homes with volunteers that are dedicated to giving these animals the chance they deserve.


Our volunteers evaluate our animals' personalities and temperaments. They care for the animals and provide necessary socialization.

Volunteers, foster families and donations are always welcome and appreciated. Remember, without you, none of this would be possible.

All of the animals in this video were rescued by Sadie Mae Foundation.
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Meet Our Adoptable Dogs - Bolton, CT - 5/22/22, 12pm-2pm​
Come join the fun this Sunday  - meet our adoptable dogs!

Location:  1270 Boston Turnpike, Bolton, CT

**Pull into the driveway to park in front of the building, additional parking in back.

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